Karaoke Killer

from by Dead Cinema

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In this land of wounded narcissists
And all the inferior minds he finds himself amidst
The archangels are slumming it & getting pretty lit
You can be sure no one here will submit to the bit
This is where you go to learn to fight
Where the art of war is in the blindside
You got no time to sit & analyze
Your senses are hallucinatory lies
This where most blokes learns to die

We'll be crawlin in the gutter hand over fist
This ain't no sapphic exploitation or idealistic tryst
Or the conspicuous presumption rife throughout the land
Or any horoscopic new age bullshit man

Well it could be cancer, could just be a cyst
When all the poets turns pussy, he insists
Someone has to point out what the other cads miss
& for that they call him the karaoke killer

Most of my revelations are just filler
But every now and then I come up with a gem

So if you're on a schedule & you're looking for something profound
Get a gun at the Walmart and take it into town
The slingers of Singapore, the Navarrone
Literate society just tryin their best to get stoned
(((Yuppie motherfuckers entranced by their phones
In the midst of a headlong foray into the unknown)))
I'll see you back in the cave during the solar storm

Course someone might say it was all done before
By some bad motherfucker in some far off war
But this ain't no hagiography
by some poor bastard ain't never learned to read
Lean on the street like a coyote through steam
A paperback of Thucydides in the back pocket of his jeans (his dungarees)
This ain't no fashionista folderol
This is the testament scrawled in the wall

Regrets, you could say he's had a few
If you could say a wild beast dreams of walkin on the moon
You'll prolly have some of your own before the night is through
Better get out while you can, before you're yesterday's news

He's got a poker face like a 3rd degree burn,
so call his bluff if you thinks it's unearned
You might get burned tooooooooo!!!
And if you doooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
Remember to cry when you wanna cry and laugh ...when we tell you tooooo!!!!!!!

Most of my revelations are just filler
But every now and then-- as if by some farcical whim,
On an ancient barque borne by a fickle wind
...I come up with a gem

Don't do no truck with the changing mores
The lauds of heroes is nothing but a bore
Don't believe it's cliche to wind up on the floor
The virtuous underneath are nothin but whores
Sniffin chimeric promises and rhinoceros horn
Prowlin the streets out lookin for a score
Into history he's walkin, the realm of lore

Got 16 groupies sleeping on the front lawn
Every drug known to man from dusk till dawn
Nobody thought he'd live this long
He's been somewhere in his 50's for like 16 years

the strippers pay him to sit in the bar
Japanese girls send him cars
Got his motherfucking hair all slicked back
Had 16 mothafuckin heart attacks
His pants so tight he don't walk no more
Just stands spitting out the window on the 16th floor

The vagaries of madness just a line in my hand
The fate of the world in a cloudy grain of sand
Cops might have authority in some distant regime
But here it's the word reigns supreme


from The Loners, released March 12, 2013


all rights reserved



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~Dead Cinema~ ~Night Mechanic~ ~Nigh Chaparral~

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